Capevest invests in businesses with durable competitive advantages. These companies have a competitive moat, are well-managed and have a demonstrated track record of creating value.

Creative approach

Creative, disciplined investing with a focus on performance

Capevest's culture emphasizes creativity and flexible thinking in our search for unique investments. We are disciplined in waiting for appropriate opportunities to emerge and prepared to be patient as our investee companies grow.

We are entrepreneurial in the sense that our investment team know what it is like to run a business with all of the attendant challenges. This approach requires our investment team to gain in-depth first hand knowledge of our portfolio companies. Our culture allows us to build our performance by investing in world-class businesses with durable competitive advantages acquired at bargain prices. Independent thought is encouraged and all our investment research is performed inhouse.

Investment strategy

Strong companies

Capevest typically invests in businesses with strong franchises, leading market positions, strong growth prospects and the ability to generate high returns on capital.

Capevest playbook

We are prepared to roll up our sleeves and our playbook involves an  active ownership model and includes tools focused on driving growth and developing portfolio companies through digitalisation, sustainability and operational excellence.

Outstanding management teams

We seek to be associated with the highest quality business managers, in terms of ability, integrity and shareholder focus. We seek to establish positive and productive relationships. We are content to back the right teams by taking a minority stake without any catches.

Exit strategy

Capevest actively manages its portfolio companies to maturity, setting the strategy and business plan of each business and driving its execution. In order to unlock the value of the companies in which it invests and which it manages, Capevest sets exit options prior to making an investment.

Our definition of value relates to purchasing businesses that generate streams of sustainable free cash flow at cheap multiples on an absolute basis and relative to comparable companies.

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